Coaching to understand and improve

23Magic offer coaching courses on a wide range of customer engagement strategies either independently or through Arun Business Partnership for individuals or small businesses.

These sessions are designed to be knowledgeable and fun, where you will be engaged and participating in practical exercises. You won’t be sitting listening and not doing!


The short courses include:
More effective marketing on a small budget: This course is an introduction into the potentially daunting world of marketing for those companies who want to be more effective with the little time that they have to spend on a discipline that they don’t really understand and/or with little budget who want to make a big difference.
Increasing sales through better prospecting, pipeline management and close plans: It’s difficult to get prospects falling in to your sales pipeline. But once they are there, you need to hold on to them and move them through the process to a successful close. From overcoming fear in cold calling to understanding your prospects’ needs to overcoming objections and looking for buying signals you need to understand the sales process and where you can have maximum impact on the purchase cycle to grow your business.
Improving the customer experience to increase profitability through loyalty: You’ve done all the hard work and sold something but that is only half the story. You need to hold on to that customer for the next time that they are ready to buy. Delivering a great customer experience is about creating a magic – not a miserable – moment so that your customers want to do business with you time and time again, and recommend you to their family, friends and colleagues. Learn how to hold on your customers – because acquiring new customers if unhappy customers leave you is between 5x and 15x more expensive- so this course will show you how to improve your bottom line.
Content marketing – how to really engage with your prospects and customers: Marketing isn’t just about sending out pretty emails, re-posting on social media and the odd networking session. This introductory course is for those companies who are ready to take the next step in marketing, to discover and understand what your customers and prospects like and want, and tailoring messages across different channels that reflect your brand persona. People always buy from ‘people like them’. Learn how you can create that special loyalty bond with both your customers and prospects.
Leveraging your Contact Management System (CMS) to gain competitive advantage: The information that you hold on your CMS is not just a pile of contact and transactional data it’s a treasure trove of numbers waiting to be mined. Learn how to create stories out of those numbers, create customer profiles, segment your data and say the right thing to the right people at the right time.

Half day courses include:
An overview of the whole customer engagement process from blank piece of paper to bursting order book: The questions that I am most often asked when meeting start-ups or young businesses for the first time is “Where do I start?” or “What do I do next?”. To answer this you need to know, not just where you are currently but, where you need and want to go. To do this you need to understand the whole marketing, sales and customer engagement process from start to finish. How to attract customers, how to drive customers through the sales pipeline, and deliver a great customer experience. This course will help those businesses who know some parts but would love to know more so they can understand that whole process to be more profitable.
Proposals to get you to final discussions: If you are a small, medium, or large business who frequently, or even just occasionally, has to tender for business through an RFQ, RFI or RFP process then this course is a must. Learn how to manage multi-disciplinary teams, set up an environment to produce a winning proposal with all the right information, in the right format and on time to deliver an output that gets you to final discussions. Includes help on manoeuvring through complex procurement portals, document change management and finding a win theme.
Effective copywriting across different media and channels to create better cut-through: Whatever you write and send out to prospects and customers says something about your business. Although the fundamentals of great copywriting are the same for different channels it is the understanding of the nuances and differences of those channels that helps you create more effective cut-through so that your message resonates more strongly. Learn how to write proposals, advertisements, emails, blogs, fliers, brochures, web copy and press releases etc that reflect your tone and messaging and get you results. This course is a real hands-on course with loads of practice so be prepared to pick up a Sharpie or two!


To learn more about our courses please contact us. You can also contact Miriam Nicholls at Arun Business Partnership here.