Increasing sales

Effective sales are the life blood of your business. If sales and revenue are standing still then you are going backwards. Every sales strategy and process can be improved. Sometimes a major change is not needed – after all, you wouldn’t still be in business if that was true. But small, incremental changes can have a massive impact on your bottom line. Marginal gains usually effect a more sustainable consolidation and growth plan.

  • This is how we can help:
    • Create an effective, clear sales strategy
    • Underpin that with a solid, recognised sales procedure and plan
    • Creating and telling a compelling story that accelerates sales revenue
    • Initiate and manage multi-disciplinary team sessions to create tangible outcomes
    • RFI and RFP responses to get you to final discussions
    • Proposal writing and change tracking
    • Sales coaching:
    – How to cold call effectively
    – Sell benefits not just features
    – Increase opportunities through active listening
    – Building trust through empathy and engagement
    • How to manage your prospects through the sales funnel
    • How to create close-plans that work
    • Increase revenue through new business and organic growth
    • Effective and profitable account management
    • Measure, monitor and manage the sales strategy and plan