Pro bono work for local SMEs

I have a very simple work philosophy: Put more in to your company than just your job description.  I also believe in “passing it forward” because if you send off a little goodwill then the good karma spreads a little happiness on its way. And it may even come back to you when you need it. If you think the same then you may be interested in the trend of Random Acts of Kindness. More details are here.

So, apart form the above reasons, why do we do pro bono work?

I started off two companies locally about fifteen years ago and struggled to find the right kind of advice that was affordable. I just wanted someone to guide me in the right direction. But I couldn’t find those people and I didn’t have the turnover to allow me to pay for expertise.

As my career progressed to its current point I always said that if I was in the position of being able to help then I would like to do so. If I can help a company increase its turnover, then they will be able to employ more people. That’s more people working, more people going into local shops and using local services and suppliers. This is great for the local economy. It’s my way of paying just a little bit forward.

23Magic work with Arun District Council to give this free advice. If you are looking for a fresh pair of eyes to help your company – start up or well established – with customer engagement (marketing, sales or customer experience), then please contact Miriam Nicholls, Business Development Manager, at Arun District. All pro bono work MUST go through Miriam please.

You can contact Miriam on 01903 737845 or email her on

Miriam is very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful and will be able to help you with many aspects of advice and guidance for SME businesses rather than just putting you in touch with 23Magic more formally.