More effective marketing

Marketing is a discipline to increase your sales, pure and simple. It’s not intangible fluff that will simply make your website look pretty or win awards. Marketing opens the top of your sales funnel to get more of the right numbers going through so you can achieve more profitable sales and increase revenue. 23Magic helps you create brand awareness and recognition and individual, tailored campaigns so that prospects want to engage with you.

This is how we can help:

• Marketing to build brand awareness
• Marketing to target priority accounts
• Increase your sales funnel
• Bring fresh creativity to your business
• Content marketing – creation, generation and execution
• Copywriting of presentation decks, slicks (marketing materials), email campaigns, etc
• Advice on effective conferences and exhibitions participation, organisation and attendance
• Digital engagement (website, social media, etc)
• Advertising
• CRM/CMS management
• Prospect and customer segmentation
• PR advice on messaging and creating an effective media matrix
• Measure, monitor and manage your marketing strategy and execution