Case study: In market brand tracking and evaluation

Product: In market brand tracking and evaluation

Company: Millward Brown (Brand research agency)

Client: Premier Foods (Major fmcg distributor)

Challenge: Premier Foods were an existing client of Millward Brown (MB) but had recently acquired RHM a competitive foods distributor. Premier and RHM used different research providers and there was obviously an economy of scale issue, as well as using comparative data across both (now one) companies. Hence, MB and the other provider were to pitch head-to-head for the ensuing three year contract.

Objective: We knew that MB had keen support from some sectors within Premier but that the new RHM person would be one of the key decision makers. This person had, unfortunately, had a negative experience with MB in a previous role. So not only did we have to win this person over but also demonstrate to our supporters’ senior managers that we could handle the increased amount of project work effectively and cohesively.

Solution: This was threefold. Firstly, we recognised and empathised with their current business issue as it was a difficult and challenging time for them. Secondly, we gave assurance that we could handle the project by setting out some clear research goals and how we would help them achieve those. Thirdly, to highlight our existing successful relationship we built our proposal around being part of their brands’ success. We did this by creating a visual of their brands being supported at key points by us in a pyramid – which also tied in with MB’s key brand equity thinking. This was done in an A3 high gloss format rather than the standard PowerPoint presentation.

To finish our final pitch presentation, we included memory sticks with both the A3 document on as well as the PowerPoint presentation just made, along with other relevant documentation, inside empty packets of their products such as Sharwoods prawn crackers, Birds custard, Hartley jelly, Branston pickle, Oxo cubes and so on. This was obviously done to show how integral we were to their brands.

Result: “Absolutely bowled over” was just one of many immediate comments that we received. The client loved the whole brand integration idea and demonstration that we were part of their ongoing success. Even the previous detractor had been completely won over. This led to us winning the head-to-head overwhelmingly and generating overall revenue in excess of £1.6m over three years.